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Current teaching events

Spoken Dialogue Systems

Winter semester 2021/22

The course is administered centrally via ILIAS. All current announcements are also communicated here.


13.10.2021 to 02.02.2022

  • Lecture: 2 SWS, Wednesdays 2:30 – 4:00 PM, digital
  • Exercise: 2 SWS, Wednesdays 4:30 – 6:00 PM, digital


Study programme:

  • Master course "Informatik" (PO 2005, PO 2015)
  • Master course "Artificial Intelligence and Data Science" (PO 2019, PO 2021)

Credit Points:

  • 5 CP


  • English

Content of the lecture:

  • Introduction: Architecture of a spoken dialogue system, dialogue acts, turn management issues
  • Semantic decoding: Representing and decoding meaning from user inputs, semantic decoding as a classification task, semantic decoding as a sequence-to-sequence learning task
  • Dialogue state tracking: Tracking beliefs over multiple turns, classical generative and discriminative approaches, recent deep learning approaches, integration of decoding and tracking
  • Dialogue Management: Modelling via Markov Decision Processes, reinforcement learning, gradient methods, Gaussian Processes
  • Response Generation: Template methods, generative models, recent neural network approaches
  • Current research topics: Incremental dialogue, towards open-domain systems, end-to-end neural network architectures

Content of the exercise:

Students will be provided with a set of Python tools which will enable them to configure and test a simple spoken dialogue system. They will be asked to implement a simple dialogue state tracker and a reinforcementlearning algorithm and optimize the dialogue manager in interaction with a simulated user. This will give them an opportunity to explore a practical example of reinforcement learning.


Responsible for the content: