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Master "Software Engineering and Programming Languages"

In order to major in software engineering and programming languages you need to attend several modules each accounting for 5 or 7,5 ECTS credit points depending on your exam regulations. The two bachelor courses "Introduction to Logic Programming" and "Compiler Construction" can not be used in the masters degree program.

Instead, you may select out of a collection of different master lectures (called "half modules", each accounting 5 or 7,5 ECTS). Provided they are a sensible combination to our courses, you may attend lectures from other chairs in the department of computer science. Keep in mind that master lectures take place following a regular circle. It should always be possible to finish a major in computer science within 4 semesters.

In addition to the master thesis, you need to pass a project work, which should also prepare you for the thesis itself. In particular, it should focus on working independently and self organised. Commonly, project work is done during the course of two semesters and accounts for 10 ECTS credit points per semesters.

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