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The Oberseminar of the Algorithmic Bioinformatics group is a non-public event in which all members of the group and affiliated students (BSc and MSc) participate. It takes place usually every Tuesday (even outside teaching terms) at 14:30 h in room During teaching breaks, the schedule is more irregular and will be communicated in the mattermost channel Oberseminar (non-public). The aim is to provide a place to exchange research ideas and to discuss ongoing projects. The language of the Oberseminar is English.

The Oberseminar is currently organized by Philipp Spohr.

The meetings are mandatory for all BSc and MSc students affiliated with the group. Their goal is to give each participant the opportunity to present and discuss ideas or problems they are faced with. Here are the rules:

  • Each participant presents his topic once using a couple of slides (timeframe 5-10 minutes). This happens as soon as the topic is clear and there is enough material to enable a presentation.
  • In addition every participant may present on demand in the following cases:
    • Major progress
    • Difficulties or issues
    • Requests for comments or discussion
  • Those presentations should recycle the slides from the initial presentation to give everyone a quick overview of the topic and then describe the current situation.
  • If there is interest in presenting the student simply contacts the organizier of the Oberseminar or the supervising staff member. There is also the option that a supervisor schedules such a presentation if deemed necessary (of course informing the student beforehand).