The course has restricted admission. A prerequisite for starting studies is a first university degree, with the required necessary background education as determined in the exam regulations.
In brief, you need Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering or a related area, whose curricula include the modules Analysis I + II, Lineare Algebra I, and Stochastic I at a level that corresponds to the level taught for computer scientists at HHU. The exam board determines whether you fulfill the entrance requirements.

At the time of application all applicants that are not EU/EEA citizens are obliged to upload their results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test, that is the GRE-Certificate, with at least the following scores:
Above 80% of all test takers in the test field "Quantitative Reasoning (GRE-QR)" (above 80th percentile)  and above 15% of all test takers in the test field  "Verbal  Reasoning (GRE-VR)" (above 15th percentile).
The result in the test field "Analytical Writing (GRE-AW)" is irrelevant.
Applicants  who are  citizens  of  a  Member  State  of  the  European  Union  or  the  European  Economic  Area (EEA) as well as educational nationals, so called “Bildungsinländer”, are exempted from this rule.

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