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Computational Cell Biology

Check out our ongoing series on NIGHT SCIENCE in Genome Biology, as well as our book, “THE SOCIETY OF GENES”.
Translations are available in German, Dutch, Korean, Chinese

The research group for Computational Cell Biology is located in the Institute for Computer Science, but also belongs to the Department of Biology. The main topics of our research are:

  • modeling of cellular metabolism
  • modeling the growth of microbial cells
  • evolutionary systems biology

How do cells organize the concentrations of their many components? How do cellular networks change in the course of evolution? To what extent are changes the result of adaptation to changing environments, to what extent are they driven by chance events? These questions are a central to much of our research.

We also develop and implement methods for the simulation of cellular systems and for population genetics / genomics analyses.

You can find the internal wiki of our group here.

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Office Address

Group Computational Cell Biology
Building 25.02 Level 02
Universitätsstraße 1
40225 Düsseldorf


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