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Bachelor and Master Theses

On this page you find information on how to write your Bachelor or Master thesis within the chair of software engineering and programming languages.

How to get assigned a thesis topic?

If you are interested in writing your bachelor or master thesis with us, we advise you to get into contact with us early enough. Starting to working on your thesis is only reasonable once certain conditions are fulfilled. Among others, this includes that you have reached the necessary amount of credit points. We will check all the formal requirements for you.

The thesis can be written within any of the current topics worked on by one of the advisors. We can suggest different topics based on your interests and help you find one suited for you. Of course you can also suggest your own topics and we will help you concretise them and make them suited for a thesis.

We advise you to get into contact early on so that we have enough time for discussion and concretisation.

Are there suggested topics?

You can find a list of suggested thesis topics undefinedhere. Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions that should be concretised with the advisors. Please get into contact with them directly.

If there are no suggested topics at the moment, you can take a look at the list of finished theses and find possible advisors and get into contact with them. We can always suggest further topics for you. Please keep in mind that this will take some time.

If you have your own topic in mind try to find a suitable advisor to discuss it with us.


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