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Jannik Dunkelau

Contact Information

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Institut für Informatik
Universitätsstraße 1
D-40225 Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 211 81-12635

Research Interests

  • Integration of formal methods with machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Machine learning for improvement of formal methods
    • Verification of artificial neural networks and machine learning systems
  • Symbolic and explainable AI
  • Fairness-aware Machine Learning

Courses (Summer Term 2021)

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence (Seminar)

Past Courses

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence (Seminar, Summer Term 2020)
  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence (Seminar, Summer Term 2019)
  • Safety-Critical Systems (Tutorial, Winter Term 2018)
  • Programming Project I (Tutorial, Summer Term 2018)

Concluded Theses

I supervised the following theses.




Kevin Schröder Machine-Learning-Verfahren zur Vorhersage von Belohnungspräferenzen anhand von EEGs Master Thesis
Melina Richard Bestimmung des Grades der Aortenklappenstenose in EKG-Daten mittels Machine Learning Bachelor Thesis
Christian Karamann Mit XAI der Black Box an den Kragen: Ein Überblick über Techniken zur Erklärungsfindung in Machine Learning Bachelor Thesis
Dominik Brandt Implementing General Game Playing in Prolog: Applying MCTS to Three Examples Bachelor Thesis
Tim Richter Autoencoding ProB Constraints for Classification Tasks Bachelor Thesis
Leo Baldus Backend Selection for ProB Based on Ranked Runtime Predictions Bachelor Thesis
Benedikt Jung Vergleich fairer Machine-Learning-Algorithmen Bachelor Thesis
Aycan Aytan The Preference Beyond: Applying Deep Forests to Predict Individual Reward Preferences From Reward-Locked ERPs Bachelor Thesis
Jessica Petrasch The Decision Does Not Fall Far from the Tree: Automatic Configuration of Predicate Solving Master Thesis

Open topics for bachelor and master theses can be found here (German).





  • Machine Learning and AI Techniques for Automated Tool Selection for Formal Methods.
    In Proceedings of the PhD Symposium at iFM’18 on Formal Methods:Algorithms, Tools and Applications, Research Report, 483, University of Oslo, 2018.
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