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Omentum – interactive Augmented Microscopy

This project is a cooperation with the undefinedInstitute of Anatomy I of the medical faculty of the Heinrich-Heine University headed by Prof. Timm Filler.

Virtual microscopy is increasingly used for e-learning and medical online exams at universities. Traditional client-server systems support up to a few hundred of users accessing more than 10:000 large microscopic images (each several Gigabyte) and each being able to make interactive annotations. We have developed the first peer-to-peer based solution bringing virtual microscopy to an Internet-scale community. We address data distribution and replication by a novel overlay called Omentum, which is based on a random-graph architecture. Omentum uses a lightweight messaging service for peer communication and supports traffic-free routing-path calculation. Based on the directed random graph the system achieves path compression by walking along inbound links during the actual routing phase.

Within the framework of the Omentum project bachelor and master theses are offered and supervised. Details concerning the offered topics are available on request.

Presentations: undefinedPhD Defense (Andreas Barbian, 2017), undefinedOverview (2015, 8MB), undefinedDAIS (2013)

Videos: Omentum won the undefinedhein@ward 2015 (German)


(Informatics, Operating Systems)

(Medical Faculty, Institute of Anatomy I)

(external PhD student, medial faculty, HHU)


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