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is a massively multi user online presence platform providing edutainment and entertainment content. The project Wissenheim has originally been developed at the University of Ulm by Prof. Dr. Peter Schulthess (started in 2004) for Plurix and RainbowOS clusters.

Wissenheim has been adapted by the Heinrich-Heine University (HHU) to Linux grids within the XtreemOS project (2006-2010, based on the GOSS service). Furthermore, the HHU has also re-implemented Wissenheim in Standard Java using the TGOS service (2007-2010). The main author of this re-implementation is Dr. Michael Sonnenfroh.

Currently, Heinrich-Heine University is developing a new cloud platform based on the ECRAM service to host MMVEs in Clouds where Wissenheim will be used as a demonstrator and for evaluation.

Overview slides: download

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Prof. Dr. Michael Schöttner

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