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Team Details

Foto von Adélaïde Raguin

Junior Group Leader

Dr. Adélaïde Raguin
Universitätsstr. 1 Gebäude: 25.02
Etage/Raum: O2.31
+49 211 81-13185

I am a junior group leader interested in theoretical and computational biophysics applied to various biological questions. We develop stochastic simulations to study the dynamics of coarse-grained mesoscopic systems.

Research Projects
  • DFG funded - EtransColi: A multidisciplinary study of Escherichia coli's trans-translation regulation under stress conditions
    2 positions. We are hiring a PhD student!
  • BioSC funded - PREDIG:
    • Modelling software to predict the enzymatic digestion of biomass : Dr Partho Sakha De
    • Developing the online interface and release of the software: Torben Glass
  • CEPLAS funded- Impact of drought on the secondary cell wall of poplar xylem, a multi-disciplinary approach
    We are hiring a postdoctoral researcher!
  • CEPLAS funded - Modelling gene expression regulation at the whole-translatome scale under controlled optogenetic perturbation
    Merle Stein
  • Master thesis -Saccharification of cell wall biomass from maize mutants: optimising a fitting algorithm to compare stochastic simulations and quantitative experimental data
    Jasmin Theilmann

New Master Students

Master students from Physics, Computer Sciences, and Quantitative Biology that are interested in a Master thesis are encouraged to contact me.


Head of the module "Stochastic Models of Biological Systems" for Computer Sciences Master students. Students from Physics that are interested in the module are also invited to contact me.

  • CEPLAS funded - Stochastic model of lignocellulosic material saccharification
    Eric Behle - Research assistant
  • CEPLAS - Graduate School Lab rotations
    Laura Randarevitch

Details and publications are available on my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles.