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Grid Object Sharing Service (GOSS)

The Grid Object Sharing Service addresses the challenges of transparent data sharing for distributed applications running in grids. We focus on the problem of handling consistency of replicated data in wide area networks in the presence of failures. We propose a software architecture interweaving concepts form data-centric consistency management and peer-to-peer systems. GOSS supports multi consistency including transactional memory. The latter offers speculative transactions relieving programmers from complicated lock management. Super-peer-based overlay networks improve scalability and distributed hash tables speed up data search. OSS replicates objects to improve performance and reliability. In case of severe faults, the XtreemOS grid checkpointing service will support OSS. This work is funded by the EU within the XtreemOS project (FP6).

Overview: slides and demo video (Wissenheim use case)

Open source code: download (V. 0.5.1, 1.1 MB)


  • Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Michael Schöttner
  • Consistency Management: Florian Müller
    speculative transactions and fairness strategies
  • Distributed Data Management: Kim-Thomas Rehmann
    scalable and adaptive caching strategies

Can be found here.

PhD thesis:
"Transaktionale replizierte Objekte für verteilte und parallele Anwendungen, Marc-Florian Müller, Dissertation, 2011.

D3.4.7 - Final release of XtreemFS and OSS, 9.4.2010
D3.4.6 - Stable Version of XtreemFS and OSS, 24.3.2010
D3.4.5 - XtreemFS and OSS Developer Guide, 3.6.2009

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