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Teaching in summer semester 2023

  • block course: Spectral Graph Theory and Graph Signal Processing

Earlier Teaching at HHU

  • Lecture course: Machine Learning
  • Seminar: Category Theory in Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Lecture course: Spectral Graph Theory and Graph Signal Processing
  • Lecture course: Topological Data Analysis
  • Lecture course: Information Theory
  • Lecture course: Mathematical and statistical foundations of Data Science
  • Lecture course: Lineare Algebra 1
  • Seminar: Knot Theory,

Exercise classes for: Lineare Algebra 1, Analysis 1, Analysis 2, Einführung in die Topologie, Topologie 1, Topologie 3, Differentialtopologie, Mathematik für Biologen

Earlier Teaching at other universities

  • Lecture course: Categorical Logic
  • Seminar: Model categories and infinity categories
  • Lecture course: Categorical Algebra
  • Lecture course: Staatsexamenskurs Algebra
  • Lecture course: Staatsexamenskurs Analysis (complex analysis)
  • Seminar Motives and Motivic Homotopy Theory
  • Seminar: The infinite prime
  • Lecture course: Local-global principles in number theory
  • Seminar: Representation theory of finite groups
  • Lecture course: Local fields, group cohomology and local class field theory
  • Lecture course: Topos Theory,

Exercise classes for: Linear Algebra 1, Analysis 2, Algebra, Differential Geometry, Algebraic Stacks, Algebraic Number Theory