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Teaching in winter semester 2021/22

Mathematical and statistical foundations of Data Science

Earlier Teaching at HHU

Topological Data Analysis, Information Theory, Mathematical and statistical foundations of Data Science, Lineare Algebra 1, Seminar on Knot Theory,

Exercise classes for: Lineare Algebra 1, Analysis 1, Analysis 2, Einführung in die Topologie, Topologie 1, Topologie 3, Differentialtopologie, Mathematik für Biologen

Earlier Teaching at other universities

Lecture course Categorical Logic, Seminar Model categories and infinity categories, Lecture course Categorical Algebra, Lecture course Staatsexamenskurs Algebra, Lecture course Staatsexamenskurs Analysis (complex analysis), Seminar Motives and Motivic Homotopy Theory, Seminar The infinite prime, Lecture course Local-global principles in number theory, seminar Representation theory of finite groups, lecture course Local fields, group cohomology and local class field theory, lecture course Topos Theory,

Exercise classes for: Linear Algebra 1, Analysis 2, Algebra, Differential Geometry, Algebraic Stacks, Algebraic Number Theory