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Thursday 3.8.2023, 15:00, master thesis defense of Tobias Alexander Pan. Thesis title: "Analysis of hyperspectral images of fruits using machine learning". The defense will be online on Webex. Contact me if you would like to attend.




I gave a talk at TACL, June 20-24 2022, slides on the homepage.

I gave a minicourse on Categories of logics and translation at Unilog 2022, April 1-5 on the island of Crete. The slides can be found here.

With Marcus Zibrowius I organized the 32nd NRW Topology meeting at HHU Düsseldorf, November 8-9, 2019

I gave a talk at Masaryk University, Brno, October 2019

I gave a talk at TACL, Nice, June 17-21, 2019

I was in London, Canada, March 18-22, invited by K.Kapulkin, giving a talk on March 18th, 2019

I gave two talks at the workshop Geometry in Modal Homotopy Type Theory in Pittsburgh, USA, March 11-15, 2019

I gave a mini course on abstract and motivic homotopy theory in Verona, Italy, February 7-15 (and a research talk there on Feb 11th), 2019

I gave a mini course on motivic homotopy theory at the conference GAAG IV, Geometry in Algebra and Algebra in Geometry, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 5-9 2018

I gave a mini course on topos theory and Caramello's bridge technique at the UNILOG school, Vichy, France, June 16th-26th. Here is course page

I organized a workshop on Category theory and logic at the UNILOG conference, Vichy, France, June 16th-26th. Here is the workshop page

With Adeel Khan I organized a school on Motives and derived algebraic geometry, Essen, May 6-8, 2016

I gave a minicourse on Lindström theorems at the Unilog 2015, Istanbul, and promised to keep the slides online. Here they are: First session, Second session, Third session